Lancashire County Council

About the Solution


Facing a three-year print spend of over £12 million (a17 million),
Lancashire County Council aimed to reduce its print costs by 36 per cent,
with estimated savings of over £4 million (a6 million). It also wanted to
improve workflow and print management.


  • The Council decided to optimise its print infrastructure, changing not only the hardware but also the printing culture for staff at its 600 plus sites.
  • To avoid protracted tendering, it decided on a framework agreement
    through the procurement site of the Office of Government Commerce.
  • It then went through an intense five-month evaluation process before
    selecting The Danwood Group, HP and SafeCom as its contractors.

IT improvements:

  • The optimised solution features HP CM8060 and CM8050 Colour Multifunction Printers (MFPs).
  • Innovative Edgeline Technology in these machines moves the paper not the print head delivering greater reliability and performance.
  • Installation, configuration and management are simplified with HP Web Jetadmin software and efficiency is increased with an embedded HP Jetdirect print server and a SafeCom Pull Print solution.

Business benefits:

  • Over the first year of the contract, print costs at the refreshed sites have been reduced by approximately 38 per cent. Mono print output has reduced by 25 per cent and colour output by 20 per cent. This saving will enable the council to improve frontline services for the county’s residents and businesses.
  • Energy consumption at those sites has reduced by an incredible 75.1 per cent due to the reduction in machines and the high efficiency of HP
    MFPs. Other environmental advantages have been a drop in paper
    usage and the recycling of toner cartridges.
  • SafeCom Pull Print increases security and reduces travel time, costs and emissions by eliminating the need for staff to return to their office to output prints. This improves workflow and SafeCom’s reporting
    functionality also improves management of the print environment. 

SafeCom Partner

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