Central print management saves you 25%

 - try it free of charge

Central tracking and tools to optimize duplex and color printing helps you change user behavior and save up to 25% on wasted paper and toner.

Try the SafeCom Print Tracker free of charge for 60 days.

Collect data

Install the SafeCom Print Tracker and register print activities for 60 days to get an overview of print volumes, duplex and color print ratios.

The result is your own print profile – download example


Your print profile provides an overview of what is printed on your MFPs and printers. If you want our SafeCom Certified partners will be happy to guide you towards a more efficient print service based on your results.

Can you save more than EUR 100 per printer?

If the trial shows that you can save more than EUR 100 per printer per year, the SafeCom Print Tracker is an excellent investment, and the more printers you have the more you gain, since you only pay for the first 30 printers.

It is about taking control, saving money and being environment-friendly. 

Print Profile

The customer Print Profile gives an instant overview of your print activities.