Waste & Frustration

Frustration in the printer room is a well-known occurence across campuses. Users are often left waiting or forced to search through reams of paper to locate their work.

  • Where is my document?
  • When will it be printed?
  • Has it been printed?
  • Am I even at the right device?
  • Why am I always stuck behind a 250-page report?

A Campus Print Profile - a good place to start

If you are too familar with the above situation, a Campus Print Profile is a good place to start.

Without expensive and time-consuming analyses the Campus Print Profile provides the following information:

  1. Total number of pages printed
  2. Number of users
  3. Ratio printed in color
  4. Ration printed in duplex
  5. The type of print: e-mail, web, Word, Power Point or other applications.

An example of the Campus Print Profile is available here.

30 days is all we need to register your current print activity and produce a Campus Print Profile base on the SafeCom Print Tracker.

Based on that we can prepare the documentation on how Pull Print and Rule Based Print may help you reduce costs, print more effectively, and give users what they want.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more please contact SafeCom, telephone: +45 4436 0240 or fill in the enclosed form and submit to marketing@safecom.eu

In addition to reducing costs, our Pay solution let users pay for print and copy, helping you provide even better print services and generate revenue.  

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